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The Cangshan Mountain, also called Diancang Mountain, Xiongcang Mountain, is located in the western Yunnan province within the Cangshan Mountain and Erhai lake scenic spot of 960 square kilometers.

The Cangshan Mountain lies at the southern end of the Henduanshan mountain range. The geological and climatic condition in the Cangshan mountain that looks like a painted screen are complicated where there is a distinct vertical distribution of vegetation with more than 6000 kinds of plants distributed over all 19 peaks and 18 streams. The primeval forest of alpine azalea rolling for a few kilometers adds to a little charm of grand Cangshan Mountain where the unique fourth century glacier made highland rivers. Rocks, spring, clouds and butterflies add to a little mystery of the mountain.

Cangshan Mountain stretches from Shangguan in the north to Xiaguan in the south, and touches the limpid water of Erhai Lake in the east and reaches the turbulent Heihuijiang River in the west. It measures 42 kilometers from south to north and 20 kilometers from east to west.

Cangshan Mountain enjoys great reputation for its snow, clouds, springs and marble. The unmelted snow on Mt. Cangshan is so dazzling and splendent when the sun rises, especially in March. The clouds here changes often. The most famous is Wangfu Yun (the Cloud Longing for the Return of Her Husband). There is a beautiful legend is said that it is an avatar of a girl of Bai Minority Group. There are 18 brooks among the peaks. All the brooks flow into Erhai Lake. Mt. Cangshan is a famous manufacture center of a smooth marble, named Cangshan Stone. The Caihua Stone distinguish itself by its unique patterns.

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