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Chaozhou Economy (Hits:)

Since the Implementation of open policies and reforms, especially since it was promoted to the prefecture level, the municipal government has adjusted its economic strategies to step up development. As a result, economic and other undertakings have been developing steadily. The city's GDP in 2002 was 21.5 billion RMB.

The city has formed the economic development strategy of "making industry the Powerhouse" It has imported a large batch of advanced equipment and all kinds of automatic production lines which helped accelerate the pace of technical transformation of traditional industries and stimulated the rise of new industries. Now the city boasts a complete range of industries, covering over 30 major sectors such as machinery hardware, pharmacies, textiles, building materials plastics and particularly forming the four industries of ceramics, garments, food processing and electronics In 2002, Its total industrial output value reached 37.6 billion yuan.

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