Full Country Name

People's Republic of China .


East Asia, on the west coast of Pacific Ocean


9,596,960 sq km


1.3 billion (mainland)

Capital City

Beijing (pop. 14 million)


Han Chinese (91.9%), plus 55 ethnic minorities

Population Composition

The males: 51.63%, the females: 48.37%; people aged below 14: 22.89%; people aged 15-64: 70.15%; people aged above 65: 6.96%; urban population: 36.09%; rural population: 63.91%.

Official language

Chinese Putonghua (Beijing Mandarin dialect)


Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism (no stats available); Muslim (14 million), Christian (7 million)

Average Life span

71 years old by the end of 2000

Head of State

Hu Jintao

National Flag

Five-star red flag, length and width proportion: 3:2

National Day

October 1, founded in 1949


Renminbi (RMB) yuan

Weights and Measures

metric system


8940.4 billion yuan

Administrative Division

Province: 23(Anhui; Fujian; Gansu; Guangdong; Guizhou; Hainan; Hebei; Hubei; Heilongjiang; Henan; Hunan; Jilin; Jiangsu; Jiangxi; Liaoning; Sichuan; Shandong; Shaanxi ; Shanxi; Qinghai; Taiwan; Yunnan; Zhejiang)
Autonomous region: 5(Guangxi; Inner Mongolian; Ningxia; Tibet;Xinjiang;)
Municipality: 4(Beijing; Chongqing; Shanghai; Tianjin)
Special Administrative Region:2(Hongkong; Macao)

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