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    Dalian Economy (Hits:)

    Dalian port is emerging as a very important port for international trade. A new harbor for oil tankers, at the terminus of an oil pipeline from the Daqing oilfields, was completed in 1976. Dalian is the largest petroleum port in China, and also the 3rd largest port overall. Accordingly, Dalian is a major center for oil refineries, diesel engineering, and chemical production.
    Dalian has been given many benefits by the Chinese government, including the title of "open-city," (1984) which allows it to receive considerable foreign investment.
    In March 2007, Intel announced plans to build a semiconductor fabrication facility (commonly known as a fab) in Dalian. It is Intel's first fab to be built at an entirely new site in over 15 years. The fab at Dalian will make the chip sets that support Intel's microprocessors and is expected to begin operation in the first half of 2010.

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