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Dalian is a very popular destination among Chinese tourists. Its mild climate and multiple beaches make it an especially nice place to visit during the summer. Some of the most famous beaches are Tiger beach, Xinghai beach, Jinshitan beach and Fujiazhuang beach.
Tiger beach is a good place to see natural scenery. There are Seabed World, Bird Sing Wood. Xinghai beach is next to the Xinghai Park. It is about 800m long and is an excellent place for swimming.
Jinshitan beach, the Golden Pebble Beach is a tourist attaction with splendid coves and rock formations. There's also a golf course, cross country motorcycling, an amusement park and a hunting forest. It's a good place for someone who wants silence and peace and it's excellent for swimming too.
Zhongshan Square (Zhongshan District) hosts the city's financial centre and some fine old Japanese buildings, Renmin Square (Xigang District) is the seat of the city government and boasts an impressive fountain while Xinghai Square (Shahekou District) is the largest square in Asia and home to a wide range of tourist attractions.

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