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    Dujiangyan is a city located in the central part of the Sichuan Province in China. The Dujiangyan Irrigation System, situated in Dujiangyan City in the upper reaches of the Minjiang River, is a famous ancient large irrigation project. According to historical information, it was built by the people led by the local official Li Bing and his son of the Qin Dynasty, the Warring States period. After the irrigation project was completed, Minjiang River was controlled to irrigate the vast plain in the west Sichuan. Today it is still in use and still irrigates over 5,300 square kilometers of land in the region.

    Dujiangyan Irrigation System is the oldest and only surviving no-dam irrigation system in the world; and a wonder in the development of Chinese science. The project consists of three important parts, namely Yuzui, Feishayan and Baopingkou scientifically designed to automatically control the water flow of the rivers from the mountains to the plains throughout the year.

    A magnificent bridge called the Anlan Cable Bridge crossing the Minjiang River above Yuzui, is the most scenic place in Dujiangyan. The construction of the bridge originally commenced before the Song Dynasty (960-1279). At that time, the body of the bridge was constructed with wooden blocks and the handrails were made of bamboo. Recently the wood and bamboo were replaced with steel and reinforced concrete to ensure the security of the visitors. From the bridge, you can clearly see the entire layout of the Dujiangyan system.

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