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    Emei Shan is a UNESCO World Heritage Site featuring many temples, natural wonders and breathtaking scenery. The slopes incorporate several different climates and much wildlife, especially birds and trees. Some of the trees are more than 1,000 years old.

    There are also monkeys, who are accustomed to tourists and assertive; they aren't dangerious but will beg for food and grab at bags as hikers walk along the trails. Many hikers carry walking sticks to shoo them away.

    The largest surviving building is Baoguo Monastery, at the mountain base. Built in the 16th century, Baoguo is the usual starting point for any serious exploration. The monastery includes a library of sutras and a huge porcelain Buddha. Further up the mountain lies the Monastery of the Lurking Tiger (Fuhu Si), which features a lovely seven-meter high copper pagoda.

    The Four Wonders of Mt. Emei are Buddha's Halo, the Sea of Clouds, the Holy Lamp (or Divine Lights) and the Golden Summit Sunrise. These spectacular effects are best seen from the Golden Summit monastery.

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