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Guiyang Food (Hits:)

Gongbao Chicken is created by a celebrated Guizhou royal guard, or gongbao, the chicken is diced and cooked with chili.

The ''dragon claw'' is a wild vegetable grown in the mountains which , combined with spicy pork slivers ,makes a popular traditional Guizhou Dish.

Spicy chicken is A popular New Year dish in Guiyang. The chicken is dehydrated over a low heat, then seasoned with salt, soy sauce , sweet bean sauce, ginger ,onion and garlic.

Sour Fish Soup, A typical local dish of bone soup cooked with hot pepper, soybean sprout, fish chicken, taro, bean curd and vegetables. The scarlet soup is very appetising. '

'Love'' Bean Curd are toasted and filled with red pepper, ginger, spring onion, garlic, sesame oil, soy sauce, vinegar and sugar, Salty, hot and tender, this is a gourmets treat.

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