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Guiyang Mineral Resources (Hits:)

52 kinds of minerals have been discovered in Guiyang, including coal, iron, silicon, barite, marble, kaolinite, bauxite, as well as phosphorus, sulphur and mercury ores. The reserve of bauxite is 0.43 multiply 109 t, accounting for 20% of that of the country. There are nine super, large or medium-sized deposits, concentrated on Xiuwen County and Qingzhen City, among which Maochang Bauxite Mine (Qingzhen City) has the reserve of 0.15 multiply 109 t. It is a famous super bauxite mine in our country, with higher grade. Al2O3 content is 70% on the average, iron content is less than 5% and the ratio between Al and Si is 7.87.

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