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Hongfeng Lake Divided into 4 small spots: north lake, central lake, south lake and rear lake, ranked as a national scenic spot, Hongfeng Lake,a first class tourist area, lies in the western part of Guiyang, 32 kilometres from the city.

Baihua Lake This lake is in the northwest suburb of Guiyang, 22 km away from the city with an expanse of water as much as 13.5 sq. kilometres.

Huaxi Park is located in the southern part of Guiyang, Huaxi Park is 17 kilometres from the downtown area.

Tianhetan Pool is Located in the southeast of Guiyang, Tianhetan Pool is a newly-constructed scenic spot in recent years, which is as magnificent as Huangguoshu Waterfalls, mysterious as Dragon palace, and beautiful as Huaxi park.

Qianling Park is located at the northwest of Guiyang, only 1.5 kilometres from the center of the city, Qianling Park is one of a few large urban parks in China with the total area more than 300 hectares.

The Forest Park is located in the southeast of the city, 2.5 kilometres from the centre of Guiyang City,the Forest Park was built in 1960, whose forest covering an area of 3,900 hectares, which is the first and largest urban forest park in China. some scenic spots and historic sites such as Jiaxiu Pavilion, Cuiwei Garden and Yangming Temple are seen there.

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