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What to see in Hefei - Hefei attractions (Hits:)

The city boasts many places of historical interest and scenic spots such as Xiaoyaojin(an ancient battlefield in the Three Kingdoms Period, the Archers' Training Rostrum built by Cao Cao, the Mingjiao Temple with an ancient bell, the Cultural Park of Bao Gong assuming the architectural style of the Song Dynasty, the thousand-year-old town of rivers and lakes) Sanhe, the former residence of Li Hongzhang, the former residence of Liu Mingchuan, the Yaogang Village ¡ªsite of the former General Front Committee for the Crossing-the-Yangtze Campaign, and so on. There are many tourist attractions known nation-wide within a radius of 300 kilometers of Hefei such as the Huangshan Mountain, Mt. Jiuhua, the Taiping Lake, Mt. Tianzhu, Mt. Tiantangzhai, the ancient town of Shouxian, the Imperial Mausoleum of the Ming Dynasty, Mt. Langya, etc.

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