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Mongolian people are very hospitable. Whether you are a relative, a friend or a stranger, Mongolians will welcome you warmly. Visitors are welcomed with an offer of milk tea, alcohol and snacks. A feast of whole cow or sheep is the utmost respect to the visitors. People will sing songs and propose toasts before eating. The eldest people in the room will cut a cross in the forehead of the sheep and cut down some pieces of meat, and then the eldest people will turn the head of the sheep to the main visitor. Then the visitor should turn the head back to the host. The host will sacrifice the head and the meat to Buddha. Mongolian people prefer long garment, short coat and boots. Men like blue and deep blue while women prefer red, green and azure. A Mongolian knife is a must for Mongolian men. It is not only a decoration but also an implement to kill sheep and cut meat since beef and mutton are the major meats in a Mongolian diet. Mongolians are also good at dancing and singing. Matou Qin, or horse head string instrument, is a traditional musical instrument of Mongolian. Long Tune, a unique singing method of Mongolian people, is now one of the Intangible Cultural Heritage.

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