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Yellow Mountain (Mt. Huangshan) range covers an area of 1200 square kilometers (463 square miles) with a well developed scenic area of 154 square kilometers (60 square miles).Yellow Mountain (Mt. Huangshan) is famous for the uniquely shaped pines, the fantastic rock peaks, the sea of clouds and the hot springs.

Besides Yellow Mountain (Mt.Huangshan), Huangshan City offers many other tourist attractions: the UNESCO named and well-preserved ancient villages ( Xidi and Hongcun villages in Yixian County , the film site of the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), archways ( in Shexian County), Taiping Lake (in Huangshan District) and Qiyun Taoist Mountain (in Xiuning County). Old houses, clan temples, ancient bridges and pagodas are abundant.

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