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12 km to Tunxi, Huashan Grottos were opened to tourists in 2000. In a small hilly area, 36 big or small artificial caves were discovered. A few of them have been developed into the tourist sites for excursions. Among all, Cave No. 35, No. 2 and No. 24 are the most impressive ones. Many people believe that these caves were the work left by our ancestor's stone pits. But there are still lots of questions and mysteries toward the origin and purpose of creating these huge artificial caves, as there isn't any historic record about it. After the exploration, every tourist will have his or her own opinions in the mind.

About the grottoes, there are no records in the history. It is calculated by experts from the deposit height of the stalactites in the grottoes that the grottoes were chiseled before Jin Dynasty. It has at least been 1700 years old. Who on earth did this? And for what? For troops shelters or food shelters? For stone quarry or the Emperors tombs? Maybe an unfinished "MoGao Grottoes" in Anhui? If it is a shelter for troops and food or a place where the ancient people lived, it is really a secret and safe place. However, How to get rid of it dampness? If it is for stone quarry, why not do it in the open air? Up to now, the processed stone material without being carried away has still left in the grottos. It is very difficult for such stone material weighed several tons to be transported out of the grottoes. These processes really make people difficult to understand.

Huashan Mysterious Grottos & Travel MapsMap of Huashan Grottos, Huashan mysterous Cave near Huangshan

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