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Jinan has a large number of cultural relics and historical sites, such as the cultural relics of the Shun Culture, including Mount Shungeng, the Shun Well, the Eying River and the Shun Temple; the part of the great wall built by the State of Qi (in the third century B.C), which was built before the famous Great Wall constructed in the Qin Dynasty; the Stone Shrine at the Guo Family Mausoleum (built during the Han Dynasty in the first century B.C) on Xiaotang Hill - the oldest surviving surface edifice in China; the Four-Door Pagoda at Liubu, dating from the Sui Dynasty (581-618) - the oldest stone pagoda in China; and the colored art sculptures of the Song Dynasty (960-1279) in the Lingyan Temple, known as the "foremost sculptures in China."

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