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The Kilzil Thousand Buddha Caves are located 73km west of Kuqa. Years of war and natural erosion have destroyed some of them, so that now there are 236 grottos left, which house about 10,000 square meters of mural paintings.

In the first century, the Subashi Temple was built, 23km north of Kuqa. It reached its peak during the 6th-8th centuries. During later years, the temple hosted over 10 thousand monks and many hierarchs came from central China to promote and develop Buddhism. It was destroyed by wars of the 9th century, so that today only the Subashi Ruins remain.

The Kuqa Great Mosque is the second large mosque in Xinjiang. It is believed to be constructed in the 1500s. The prayer hall is about 1,500 square meters an con hold about 3,000 persons.

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