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The Baiyun Taoist Temple was ordered built by the magistrate of Gansu Province in 1837 (Qing Dynasty) to commemorate the legendary immortal Lu Dongbin, one of the eight Taoist immortals.

the White Pagoda Hill Park is a large, It is a nice place for strolling, with green forests, scattered pavilions, teahouses and, from its heights, some good views of both the churning river and the city beyond.

The Gansu Provincial Museum, covering a total area of 16.5 acres, is the most impressive museum in the province. Since 1709 in Qing Dynasty ,the Labrang Lamasery has been one of the six leading Lamaseries of the Tibetan Buddhism (Yellow Sect). The 194 cave-shrines of the "Gallery of Oriental Sculpture" on a perpendicular mountain cliff southeast of Tianshui, provide shelters to 7,200 stone and clay figurines and 1,300 square metres of murais.

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