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    Mountain Jiuhua Mountain Jiuhua or Jiuhuashan Mountain is located southwest of Qingyang County in the south of Anhui Province. Compared to Mt.Huangshan, it is less spectacular, but also boasts beautiful scenery and favorable climate, and famed as one of the four Buddhist Shrines (The other three are Mt. Wutaishan in Shanxi Province, Mt. Emeishan in Sichuan Province and Mt. Putuoshan in Zhejiang Province).

    Reasons to visit Mountain Jiuhua
    1. The Buddist Culture
    It is said that Ksitigarbha (one of the Mahayana Bodhisattvas of Buddhism) is enshrined here. The Ksitigarbha or the guardian of the earth was a prince from Korean, who arrived across the sea in 720 in the Tang Dynasty and meditated for 75 years at Mt. Jiuhua. During that period, Ksitigarbha was preached and large-scale construction of monasteries was undertaken including the Huacheng Temple on the Jiuhua Street. The street is a must-for climbing up the Jiuhuashan, also called "Lotus Buddhist Country" with many ancient temples there.

    2. The beautiful natural scenery
    Mt. Jiuhua covers an area of 120 square kilometers with 99 peaks and 18 scenic spots in total. The main peak - Heavenly Terraced Peak with an elevation of over 1,300 meter, is 15 km from the Jiuhua Street, the best place to view the beautiful scenery and sunrise. The highest peak of Jiuhuashan is Shiwang Peak, about 1,342 metres above sea level. With its marvelous landscape and pleasant climate, Mt. Jiuhua is considered one of the best summer resorts in China.

    3. The convenience of transportation
    Now that a new motorway from Huangshan to Tongling has been finished, it's very convenient to visit Mt. Jiuhua from Hefei City or Huangshan city. The airport is still under construction.

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