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Mount Qingcheng is located in the southwest of Dujiangyan irrigation system, Sichuan Province. The temples of Mount Qingcheng are closely associated with the foundation of Taoism, one of the most influential religions of East Asia over a long period of history. Because boundless luxuriant forest and green trees in every season look like the outline of a city, it is called Qingcheng.

The mountain has 36 peaks, 72 caves and 108 scenic spots. It highest peak is 1600 meters above sea level. The Mt. Qingcheng can be divided into two parts - the anterior Mt. Qingcheng and the posterior Mt. Qingcheng. The anterior Mt. Qingcheng is the main part of the scenic spot, covering an area approximately 15 square kilometers (about 3706 acres) that possesses alluring natural beauty and an abundance of cultural relics and historic sites. Among them, the Jianfu Palace, the Shangqing Palace, and the Tianshi Cave are some of the most famous destinations which you are bound to be engrossed by.

Jianfu Palace was originally constructed in the Tang Dynasty (618-907) and was restored on several other occasions through the years. Now, two temples and three compounds also exist here, surrounded by lush ancient vegetation. Tianshi Cave is the major temple on Mt. Qingcheng. In the cave, a stone statue in the style of Sui Dynasty (581-618), proudly stands of Zhang Tianshi (the Celestial Master Zhang) who is worshipped. Zhang Tianshi is known as the founder of Taoism on Mt. Qingcheng. The Shangqing Palace was originally built in the Jin Dynasty; however, only a part of the buildings that were constructed in the Qing Dynasty remain. By visiting Mt. Qingcheng, visitors will be able to taste the pleasure of the perfect combination of the unique landform, moderate climate, natural beauty and cultural relics and historic sites of Taoism in this area.

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