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The cultural undertaking in Qingdao has been flourishing. There are altogether 495 cultural institutions in the city, including 29 cinemas and theaters, 214 film projecting teams, 153 cultural organizations, seven museums, 13 public libraries, 11 performance troupes, one radio station with 11 channels and one television station with 15 channels. Qingdao had 1,551,000 cable television users, 150,000 of which were digital television users. The city issued a total of 17.5 million copies of magazines and 645.936 million copies of newspapers. A total of 332 literary works were published, of which, 29 won provincial or national awards. There are 14 archives in the city.

The medical service sector experienced a steady development. The city has a total of 3,212 medical institutions, 33,000 medical workers and could accommodate 24,000 hospitalized patients.

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