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    Quanzhou Economy (Hits:)

    Since the realization of the policy of reformation and opening, great changes have taken place in Quanzhou. Its economic summation has leapt to the front row among the nine municipal cities in the province. Its fulfilled chief economic index occupies one fourth of the total index of the province. From 1978 to 1998, the average economic increment speed of the whole city had reached 19.9%. In 1998, the city achieved the gross production of 86.39 billion RMB, the gross value of industry and agriculture reached 139.18 billion RMB with total financial income of 4.27 billion RMB. The per-capita income of the citizens in towns and cities was 7300 yuan while the per-capita income of the peasants was 4000 yuan. All the prefectures have been listed in the "Ten Best Economic Strength of Fujian Province" or the "Ten Best Economic Developing Enterprises". The whole area has attained a comparatively well-off level and is proceeding towards an ample prosperity. Quanzhou has successively been appraised as the trial city for national comprehensive reforms in whole range, the trial city for national technical innovation programs, the national advanced city in science and education, the national model city of civilization, and has been appraised three times as the "National Model City of Mutual Support".

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