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Shaanxi Natural Resources (Hits:)

Shaanxi land produces a large quantity of nature¡¯s treasures and is endowed with rich resources. With in-depth development of the West, Shaanxi will become the nation's important juncture area for energy sources transportation, namely transport of gasses, supply of electricity and shipment of coal all from west to east.

Mineral resources: Currently reserves of 91 sorts of minerals are ascertained. The reserves of 58 sorts rank the top 10 throughout the country. 18 sorts such as coal, natural gas, molybdenum, mercury, gadolinite etc take the second or third place. Strontium, rhenium, cement rock and other nine sorts take the first.

The province has an area of 50,000 square kilometers that contains coal, the recoverable deposits of which are 161.8 billion tons. The Shenfu Coalfield in northern Shaanxi, which is being developed, has proved reserves of 134.9 billion tons of coal and few other coalfields for quality power like this one exist in the world. Northern Shaanxi Natural-gas Field has proved reserves of 350 billion cubic meters, being a wordclass continental self-contained natural gas field. The reserves of gold take the fifth place all over the country and the output ranks the fourth. The output of molybdenum concentrate accounts for one half of the nation.

Water resources: The province has 583 rivers with an annual runoff of 42.6 billion cubic eters. 14,000,000 kilowatts of waterpower storage are available. Through development over the years, 80,000 irrigation projects of various types have been constructed and 1,410,000 hectares of land are irrigated, accounting for 42% of total cultivated land.

Animal resources: The province has more than 750 species of wild vertebrates, which include 79 species of well-known rare ones. It is also the home of 12 species of animal such as giant pandas, golden-haired monkeys, clouded leopards, golden haired takings, which are national treasures under the state¡¯s priority protection, and ibises, which are rare birds in the world. The bred Qinchuan-cattle enjoy fame in the country and all over the world. The number of improved breed of milk goats tops the country and the breeding of boar goats is of quite scale.

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