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Wave Subduing Hill Guilin (Hits:)

Standing beside the western bank of the Li River, this peak offers a fantastic view of the town. Its name is variously described as being derived from the fact that the peak descends into the river, blocking the waves, and from a historical hero called General Fubo in Han Dynasty. It reaches the height of 213 meters (698.8 feet) and emerges 62 meters (203.4 feet) above the water. Half of it stands in the river and the other half of it on land.

The Cloister lies on the second terrace of the hill and combines the first and second terrace in an ingenious manner. In the well-tended garden by the cloister, trees and flowers grow prosperously. In front of the garden lies a pavilion which features a more than 300-year-old iron boiler which weighs above 1,000 kilograms (2204.6 pounds). It is said that it can boil enough food for one thousand people. Therefore, it was given the name 'Thousand-People Boiler'. When wandering alongside the cloister up to the third terrace, it is possible to rest in the tearoom featuring a court.

At the foot of the hill is Returned Pearl Cave. The legend goes that the cave was illuminated by a single pearl and inhabited by a dragon; one day a fisherman stole the pearl, but he was overcome by shame and returned it. Besides, on the cave wall, dozens of Buddha statues and inscriptions were engraved, which can date back to Tang Dynasty 1000 years ago.

Inside the Pearl-Returning Cave, a breathtaking sight is hidden - the Sword-Testing Rock. It is a huge stone pillar hanging down with a large upper body and a smaller lower end. Seen from afar, it may look like a pillar plunging from the ceiling into the water surface. At a closer look, surprisingly, it actually hangs at a distance of 1 cun (a Chinese unit of length, 1 cun equal to 1.3 inch) above the water and seems to be cut by sharp sword. If you are curious, you can get close to it and touch the rummy rift.

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