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Wuwei Economy (Hits:)

The industry systems relating to brewing, light-chemical industry, food processing, and textile industry have been formed. After many years' development, there are 5,700 enterprises, including 3 listed companies, i.e. Huangtai Group, Ronghua Group, and Mogao Group, and 2,000 products. The mainly products are wheat flour, starch, alcoholic, wine, beer, fumigating vinegar, glutamic acid, lysine, vegetable oil, food, beverage, yarn of flax and so on. Among them, Liangzhou Huangtai wine series, Mogao dry-red (white) grape wines, Xiliang beer, Yunxiao fumigating vinegar, are appraised as "the well-known make of provincial-class". The Mogao ice grape wine has been appointed as using in the Nation's banquets.

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