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The Yangzhou city, rich in numerous cultural and historical sites and ample tourist resources, is one of the 24 cultural and historical cities first approved by the State Council as an important open and tourist city along the Yangtze River Delta. Yangzhou has a great many cultural relics left by history, with one scenic spot at State level, three key units of cultural relics under State protection, 11 units of cultural relics at provincial level and 133 at city level. In recent years, the local government has restored certain gardens and historical sites including the Twenty-four Bridge Scenic Spot, Running Water Flowing from Stone Cliffs, Granite-Built House, Bright Moon Tower and Rockery Garden. In 1998, it began renovations and improvements on 10 scenic areas and opened them to the public, including the Museum of Han Grave, Tomb of Emperor Yang of the Sui Dynasty (581-618), the Memorial Hall of the Eight Eccentric Artists, Gaomin Temple, Longevity Temple, Puhading Tomb, Heyuan Garden, Geyuan Garden, Lotus-Pond Park and Qiong Flower Temple.

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