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    Yangzhou Economy (Hits:)

    Yangzhou has witnessed an industrial system focusing on the machinery, food, textile and chemical industries formed, with numerous products winning top-quality prizes at State, ministerial and provincial levels respectively. In 1997, the total output value of GDP throughout the city was 37.671 billion yuan. The condition of farm production has been further improved, so that the annual added value of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery industries was 5.906 billion yuan. The total output of grain was 2.43 million tons, along with 23,300 tons of cotton, 76,800 tons of oil materials and 3,900 tons of silkworm cocoons. The annual added value of industry reached 16.42 billion yuan, the annual output value of light industry was 16.062 billion yuan, that of the heavy industry 24.456 billion yuan and township enterprises 50.518 billion yuan.

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