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    Located on the Snake Hill in Wuchang, Yellow Crane Tower is one of the four famous towers in China. According to records, the tower was first built in 223 AD as a military lookout by Wu Kingdom.

    In its history of over 1,700 years, Yellow Crane Tower was destroyed many times in different dynasties, and was rebuilt again and again. The construction of the present tower was completed in June 1985.

    It is a state-level tourist spot and one of the 40 excellent scenic spots in China. Among the famous towers south of the Yangtze River, Yellow Crane Tower has been the most inspirational for celebrities and poets. Monument, celebrities, and famous writings all endow Yellow Crane Tower with enchantment and uniqueness.

    Yellow Crane Tower faces the great Yangtze River northwards, with the other three sides facing the downtown areas. The architectural complex comprises the tower, the pavilions, the corridors and the honorific arches. In its modern version, it has the appearance of an ancient tower but is built of modern materials and includes an elevator. Displays are presented at each level. To the east on the hill, a large temple bell may be struck by tourists for a small fee. During the week-long celebration of China's National Day (October 1st), ethnic and court dances are demonstrated in the western yard.

    The five-story tower is 51.4 meters high. Strolling through the corridors of the tower and the pavilions, you can have a great view of the city, the bridge and the river.

    In the shadow of Yellow Crane Tower is White Cloud Pavilion on top of Snake Hill, which is four-storied and 29.7 meters high. This is how Wuhan got the nickname of White Cloud and Yellow Crane.

    Legend states that a scholar was standing in the tower, when he saw a crane flying past. He asked to hitch a ride on the crane, which took him to the Celestial Palace, and he was never to be seen again. It was made famous by a poem written by Li Bai.

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