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The Nangguan Mosque was built in 1915. It was rebuilt in 1981.The Mosque is 22 meters high with two storeys and can hold about one thousand muslem preyers.

On the eastern slope of a mountain near the west bank of the Yellow River at the gorge in Qingtongxia county stand 108 pagobas arranged in twelve rows from one to nineteen in odd numbers.

The Western Xia Mausoleums is located at the eastern slope of the Helan Mountain, 30 km. at the western suburbs of Yinchuan City. Hai Bao Pagoda, popularly called "Northern Pagoda", was not known when to have been built. The Chengtian Monastery Pagoda, also known as "Western Pagoda", was built around A.D. 1050 when the Western Xia was at the height of its ower and splendor. The Xumi Grottoes are located at the eastern part of Mount Xumi, about 320 km south of Yinchuan.

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