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Zhengzhou is in the transition terrain between Huanghai and Huaihai Plain. Situated in the center of China's greatest cross of communications, Zhengzhou has convenient communications and developed telecommunications.

The artery railways of Long Hai and Jing Guang cross in the downtown, the National Highways No. 107 and No. 310 and the freeways of Jing Zhu and Lian Huo go through the city proper, the Xinzheng International Airport that has been honored as a National Civilized Airport has routes leading to more than 30 cities both at home and abroad.

Zhengzhou possesses the largest train marshalling yard in Asia, the biggest transit station for small loads of goods in China, one Grade I airport, one Grade I railway port and one Grade II highway port, all the customs formalities for exported goods can be completed in Zhengzhou and directly transported abroad.

Besides, the business volume of both postal and telecommunications services rank first across the country. Zhengzhou has become one of China's leading comprehensive junctures of communications and telecommunications covering the areas of railway, highway, aviation, post and communication.

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