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Peking man Site in Zhoukoudian & Tourist Map (Hits:)

Located in the foot of Longgu Mountain 42 km south-west of Beijing, the Peking Man Site is not only the reminder of the prehistorical human societies of the Asian continent, but also illustrates the process of evolution of human.

In 1929, some teeth, bones and a complete skull of an ape-man were discovered by the archaeologists in a cave of Longgu Mountain. Then Scientists named the ape-man "Peking Man". It is also convinced that this early Homo erectus is the progenitor of the Chinese people.

Some ashes of charcoal and charred bones were discovered in the excavation. This proved that Peking man had learned using fire, a milestone in the evolution process of human. Their life was concluded that they lived as a hunter. Hunted big animals and cooked it in their cave. Such a site plays an important role in Chinese culture and contributes much to archaeology.

Peking man Site in Zhoukoudian & Tourist MapPeking man relics, ruins of Pecking ape man  at Zhoukoudian, Beijing China Map

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