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Zhuhai became an independent city in 1979, a year before it was named as one of the first Special Economic Zones (SEZ). The neighboring city of Shenzhen became the first Special Economy Zone in 1978. The implementation of this policy is logical as Zhuhai is located on the strategic position facing Macau, in the identical fashion to the Shenzhen SEZ facing to Hong Kong. This enabled the Chinese Central Government to open another "window" in front of Macau. Even though the city finds its place at the southern end of the Pearl River Delta area, Zhuhai is granted to act as one of the central cities in the Pearl River Delta according to the new general urban plan approved by the State Council. The implementation of Special Economy Zone means that the city will grow as a powerful modern port city, science and education city, scenic and tourism city, and as a regional hub for transportation. The outstanding geographic location, a wide range of supporting infrastructures and a deep-water port serve as a big magnet for foreign capital. Indeed, the utilized foreign investment reached US$ 0.94 billion in 2002. Among the top 500 enterprises worldwide, 19 of them have investment projects in Zhuhai such as EssoMobil, British Petroleum, Siemens, Carrefour and Matsushita. Hong Kong is still the largest foreign investor in Zhuhai accounting for 22% of total utilized foreign investment in 2002.

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