A Social Work Career? Here Are Five Important Checkpoints

Social work graduates have more career options than they might realize. Social workers can choose from a variety of work opportunities, including schools, hospitals, family support agencies and in-home care institutions. A social work degree is a great way to help children with special needs. You can make the lives of seniors more enjoyable or help addicts. Your degree will allow you to develop these skills, and the job market is growing quickly.

Before you decide to pursue a degree in social work, there are several things you need to do. Each career choice should be carefully considered. These touchstones will help guide you to your chosen area within institutions that provide social work services.

Conduct a thorough study of the entire field.

In its Occupational Outlook Handbook, the U.S. Department of Labor lists three types of social work. The first category is child, family, and school. The second is medical and public healthcare support system. Third is mental health and substance abuse. Each area requires different skills and knowledge of the client base. You may be interested in one of these areas and you might want to focus your college degree accordingly.

Get advice from experienced professionals.

An internship or understudy is required to study social work at an accredited school. The veterans who run these social services clinics and offices have a lot of experience working with students. Many will allow you to talk about the specific facility and the work of the staff.

A mix of social work websites.

It is important to understand how different social services are delivered. To see the type of social work that is done at a public clinic, visit it. For example, you can decide if you want help with evidence of child abuse or spousal abuse. Visit a large school located in an area that is poor to learn more about the many outreach services available. To see the real meaning of acute social work, visit a shelter for homeless people. These three examples are just a few of the many details you can find about the profession when visiting work sites.

Combine your interests with your academic options.

This field has a wide range of coursework, including intervention skills and social science theory. This field offers degrees in a variety of areas, including public health and mental health counseling. You will need to search through the options until you find the right school that offers a socialwork degree program.

Look into licensing requirements.

Each state requires licenses for their social workers. These requirements should also be aligned with your academic choices. As an understudy or intern, many states require at least 3,000 hours of fieldwork. Many online schools offer this option. Licensing, a third component, should be compatible with your academic choices and interests.

One of the noblest professions is working with the disabled, the disabled and the abused. It is a popular field and will continue to grow in employment. It is difficult to get a social work degree. Many jobs in this field require a master’s degree. It will help you find a job that suits your interests, and it will also put you in a dynamic field. People who have a lot of compassion will find social work a great career choice.


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