How to create a free landing page

Do you have a tight budget or are you just starting out? Have no experience building webpages? Your landing page, squeeze or opt-in page will need to be your own. If you don’t have enough money to buy it, or are unable to afford it, how do you start? You will be guided through the entire process by a simple site called BlinkWeb. This is possible with little technical knowledge and, best of all, it’s completely free!

Register for a FREE Account

Sign up at to get your free account. Next, you will see a button that says “Create New Site.” Click on it. BlinkWeb allows you to create free websites. They offer a variety of options for the type and design of website you wish to create. This is where you choose the salesletter design for your

Next, enter a title for the landing page. It should relate to your offer. Your title should contain keywords that relate to your website. This is your website’s domain name.

Creating the Landing Page

Once you have named the page, you will be taken to the page creator. You will see four boxes to the left.

Editor Tools

Editor Tools and Widgets can be referred to as drag-and-drop menus. You have the option to choose where you want your title, paragraphs and images. The order is up to you. You can start with a title box, which is your headline. Then follow up with a brief paragraph. This will grab your customer’s attention.

Also, I recommend that you have either a high-quality image or a video on your website. Visual people are more likely to convert if they have something to see. Choose image/paragraph from Text Tools to display image or paragraph. Choose video/paragraph from Video/Images for paragraph and video.

Cool Tools

This is something very cool. There’s a section called “Sales Pages” under Widgets. It allows you to easily incorporate bullet points, which is the checklist. There’s even a testimonial box. The rest is up to you. Just select the tool you want and enter your text.

Select the layout you want for your website from the list below. A white background is the best.

The most important part is now. The Opt-in Box. Custom HTML is the tool you’ll need. It can be found under Widgets’ Advanced section.

For this to work, you will need an account with a contact management firm such as Constant Contact and AWeber.

Create the opt-in box using whatever software you prefer. Copy the HTML code generated and paste it into the Customer HTML box at BlinkWeb. The opt-in box will appear on your landing page. All the names and emails of your customers will then be stored. It is not necessary to export the information. The data will be sent directly to your contact management system.

Before you publish your page, make sure you view it. Make sure you check the spacing and that everything is “above” the fold. Visit the website for more information about copywriting, landing pages and opt-in pages. Find out more secrets from top internet marketers to distinguish their business from the rest.

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