Play Online Slot Machines — Picking A Machine & Winning

Online slot gacor machine players don’t know the differences and how they should be played. Here is a guide for beginners to online slots machines.

This page will teach you how to play online slot correctly, and how to win more.
Understanding the pay-out schedule.

First, all machines are not the same. There is a lot to be said about the differences between machines. The first lesson is to learn how to “read” a slot machine.

Pay attention to the coin denomination first. For different coins, the actual “slot”, which is the money that you receive, may be the exact same size. Pay attention to the coin denomination of each machine.

Next, you need to be able to distinguish between the various types of machines

The Multiplier

The online slot machine pays out for certain symbols, and multiplies the amount of coins you bet.

If the machine pays you 10 coins for three cherries, and you play one coin, it will pay 15 for the second coin. It would then pay 20 for the third coin.

It will not penalize your for not playing maximum coin, unlike other online slots machines. This machine will allow you to play only one coin at a given time.

The Bonus Multiplier

The Multiplier is the same as the regular one except that it will pay you a bonus if your play total coins exceeds the maximum and then you hit the jackpot.

Three cherries can pay 1,000 for a coin, while two coins may cost 2,000.

The Multiple Payline

These are online slots that offer more than one line.

This means that every coin will activate a specific line.

Be careful! If you land a winning combination on an unactivated line, there will be no compensation for your efforts.
Modern casino machines can offer up to 9 pay lines.

The Buy-as-Pay:
These online slots are difficult to play but we will make it easy.

Every coin you play will activate an additional pay out.

To win the biggest jackpot, you will need to play as many coins as possible.

Remember that if you win the jackpot with just one coin, nothing is won. You should never play this machine unless your goal is to play maximum coins. If you do, you could find the jackpot for someone else.

Progressive Slots

This is how progressive slots are referred to. They take a percentage of all the money you play and add it into a pool to win the jackpot. Megabucks is an excellent example. Megabucks has machines from multiple casinos that are linked together to offer huge jackpots.

Keep in mind that progressive machines pay a lower percentage on smaller wins to make way for the jackpot.

Never play these machines unless you have the maximum coins.

You will not be able to feed the jackpot fund and you won’t get any money for your life.

These online slots machines have huge jackpots so your chances of winning are very slim. However, fun money is all you can get!

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