How to deal with your friends and family when you become a best makeup artist in bangalore


This is something I wanted to mention to save you from heartache. There are many things that happen once you make the decision to be a best makeup artist in bangalore.

Your schedule may change dramatically
-Your language changes dramatically
Your income can change dramatically

There will be people who don’t like this change in your life. Your mother might think that you will become poor and homeless. Your husband may not understand why you have to work for this project at no cost. Your friends are unable to understand why you spent an hour discussing the consistency of four different types of body lotions.

My family and friends would ask me how much I had made in the beginning. This would drive me mad and bring out my frustrations. I was thrilled that I had done the most amazing shoot, but they wanted to know how much it cost. It’s not clear why they asked me so many questions when I decided to go it alone and become self-employed. They were asking me the same invasive questions that I had when I worked in corporate America. It was the most overwhelming amount of people I’ve ever had in my pocket.

To their defense, I understand that it is out of concern, love, and just want to learn more about this business. Even though I have just left corporate America, my salaries, and my benefits behind, to make no “real money” – I completely get that I do, but damn, should you really know how much it cost? Why do I have to justify my career choice every time I mention my latest gigs? I longed to the day they didn’t ask me or exalt my latest win with a “well, you don’t make any money so how serious can this career be” attitude.

I wanted them to go on the journey with me, only to find out that they weren’t capable. My newfound love was something I wanted to inspire others. It was my love and I wanted them to be enamored with it. They should lift me up when I was feeling down. They were unable to understand because they did not have the understanding they needed. I was so tired of explaining.

My advice to you is: Keep your money in the bank. Due to the reports of what Kevyn Aucion did at that time, I thought I would be making a lot of money. I believed that if I earned just 10% of what Kevyn did, I would be fine. I started to quote income like Kevyn, but I didn’t know that it would take me many years to achieve that 1/10th.

Your income in the beginning stages of your career will likely be very low. You will also be working for nothing – paying your dues. Talk about income only to your significant other, if you have shared bills. If your household is dependent on your income, you may need to work part-time. It is difficult for people who aren’t in the business to understand that they work for nothing, get little for their crazy hours and have no pension. It will only stress you out in the end. A stressed makeup artist is not good for anyone.

Now, several years later, and after many hard work and many highs as well as some serious ans-kicking lows, I am proud of my decision-making abilities and my family has stopped asking me annoying questions. Yes, I get to eat with the girls whenever I can. I also pay my bills.

To all the newbies out here, I am sorry. I know where you are. I wish you patience, love, perseverance, and a strong spirit. Never give up, never stop. You will never see your dreams come true.

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