Where to Visit in China to Enjoy the Beautiful Natural Scenery of It?

When we talk about China the image that comes to everyone’s mind is that of the Great Wall, the Forbidden City as well as The Terracotta Warriors and things like those. These are historical or cultural sites that you are not able to take in the stunning natural beauty of the country. So, where do you go to experience the stunning landscape of this country. Here , I’ll share some of the most picturesque spots in China to give you a reference. If you’re travel to China ensure that you include one of them on your list of destinations.

It is evident Shangri-la is on the top of the list when it comes to stunning landscapes in China. Shangri-la is known as The Lost Horizon by a famous writer because of its breathtaking natural scenery. The viewpoints in this area include the highland pasture, the clear sky as well as stretching snow mountains and mountain lakes. Apart from these and the distinctive religious tradition and the bizarre lifestyle of the locals also draw tourists to this bizarre location. If you’d like to go here, make sure to visit in the months of May and June because at these times it can be a disorientation of the most gorgeous spot to visitors.

Zhangjiajie is another gorgeous area you can visit within China. Most people have seen its beauty in Avanta. The movie shows the view from Yuanjiajie Scenic Area. This is the reason the reason Zhangjiajie is well-known among tourists from abroad. Zhangjiajie is well-known for its streams and mountains. The mountains are tall and stunning, and they are home to many species of plants and a variety of rare animals. The most notable places here are Huangshi Village, Golden Whip Stream, Yangjiajie Scenic Area, Yuanjiajie Scenic Area, Baofeng Lake and other place. You can visit one by one during your visit here. I am certain they will make an impression on your heart.

Additionally, Hangzhou is also appealing due to its beautiful beauty. The location that is more popular with the public is West Lake. West Lake. West Lake is quite big. There are plenty of things visitors can observe, whether within the lake or in the surrounding lake area. The best time to go is from May through September, particularly in July and June. In this period you will observe the lotus blooming in full and the lakes appear stunning. In addition to the natural beauty of the lake, Lingyin Temple, Six Harmonies Pagoda, China Silk Museum Hangzhou are great locations to explore. It will help you understand the society of Hangzhou.

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